Welcome to my suburban nomadic family life! Travel is my passion and I breathe to keep exploring this amazing world and encourage others to do the same. My permanent base is in Denmark where my everyday life also revolves around travel. I write about it, I talk about it, I live it. Alongside travels and studies abroad, I have worked in the travel industry on/off for the past 15 years. Both at agencies in Denmark and with a scuba tank on my back in Egypt and Southeast Asia. I love a good adventure. To explorer both above and below the surface and to experience places that I have not visited before – it gives me energy!

The suburban family life was not in the cards for me and considering my strong wanderlust, I feel extremely lucky to be part of a Danish family of four – with a 9 & 5 year old. We use every chance (and dime) we get to live out our dreams of travel, adventure and new experiences in different cultures. My husband shares my passion – and line of business. Therefore, our children are already little globetrotters and we are fortunate to have them explore the world with us! Our son took his first overseas trip to Cuba when he was 7 month old and our daughter was born (prematurely) while travelling in Key West, Florida. She crossed The Atlantic at the age of 6 weeks.

This blog is a place to explore and share the things that make me feel excited about life. A lot of scribbling about travelling the world with small children – and our everyday life in the suburbs. I write with the intention of preserving our memories and sharing our adventures. I hope you enjoy our stories and that you are inspired to live out your own dreams. Whatever they may be. Perhaps through our experiences you may find inspiration or simply entertainment. It doesn’t matter. This site is for me and others that wish to step out of their comfort zone to continue to grow, learn and live a passionate life. Preferably including a lot of globetrotting!

Thanks for reading and happy trails :-)